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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996

Subject: Have a Purrfectly fine Holiday

Hello Pips,

My human was surfing the internet and I decided to put my two paws in. You know how humans can be. Occasionally I let her think she is in charge. I too have discovered that sometimes the only way to get her attention is to a) sit on her lap and/or b) make it look like I want the spot where she is sitting. It is very easy to stake one's claim of the couch or chair or even floor when one is wont to do. I let her think she is amusing me by chasing after a fish which she has on a rod, but that is the only bought toy I play with (I much prefer her shoelaces and yarn and DMC floss). Oh well, one does what I must. It is a little too cold to be out and about here at the moment and it has been so long since I saw snow I cannot comprehend it.

I just thought I would write and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love Tia

p.s. What does Christmas and a cat in the desert have in common? Both have Sandy claws.

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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996

From: Elaine

Hi I have me a kitty cat her name is Molly Ann and she is 2yrs. old. She is so periocus to me.

I got her for Christmas in 1994 she sleeps in my room with me ever night.

I just love her dearly she is very specail to me.

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96

Subject: I like!

Hey! I like your page! It's cool!


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996

Subject: Dog Report

I've got a three-year old dog.

It's name is Bingo.

I got him from a guy who had six dogs and for little Bingo there was no space.

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996

Cool page!


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Pip's Response to "Seasoned Greetings"

Subject: Christmas Capers

December 11, 1996

Ah, Christmas! What better time of year to get into mischief (so the giants call it). It was a pleasure hearing from you Blackie. My apologies for not having responded sooner. The giants say that MY administrative assistant could not be spared from more pressing duties. Really! They must get their priorities in the right order. However, I have her to myself for a while and I thought it a most propitious time to reply to your electronic missive.

I do so love Christmas. It brings back such fond memories, such as when my sister Tracker and I would play "Queen of the Tree", at least until such time as the giants began tying up the Christmas tree.

From one connoiseur of fine Christmas decorations to another, I've always had a preference for glass ones myself. How about yourself? Tracker and I attacked those glass ones with stealth and cunning. They were no match against us. They have since retreated to the uppermost branches of the tree and I must say that plasic decorations do not make nearly as satisfying a substitute (ie. a dull thump as opposed to the tinkling shatter of glass ornaments).

And one mustn't forget the tinsel, Blackie. Strange how the tinsel icicles would melt off the tree only to mysteriously re-appear later in the litter box. Alas, it is no longer cold enough for tinsel icicles to form on the Christmas tree. After that, Tracker and I had to amuse ourselves with the plastic reflectors on the lights.

Don't you think that Christmas trees provide a most excellent vantage point from which to view the return of the giants? It was a bit of a challenge climbing onto the branches but the curtains provided the means, albeit a slightly flimsy one at that.

And one mustn't forget the goodies that lie beneath the Christmas trees. One year, Tracker and I took all the ribbons and such off the pretty parcels. How were we to know that the giants had put their names on them? Really, the giants must learn to relax a bit, don't you think?

Getting any ideas?

Well, it seems MY administrative assistant has more of those so-called pressing duties so I will close now so. From your friendly furball in the fir tree I bid you a fond adieu.

Ever so sincerely,


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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996

From: Nik

Subject: Meow!

Meow meow meeeeeeow purr hiss purr. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

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Date: December 4 1996

Subject: Seasoned Greetings

Hello again, Pip!!! How are you today? I am Backie, Nosey's roommate. Today is another great day to be a cat! Ah, tis the time of the year for how many balls can one successfully paw off the Christmas tree without getting caught, how much tinsel can safely be injested before disaster befalls one's digestive sytem (trial and error are the best rule of thumb since we are all indiviuals in our own right), and, oh yes, let's not forget the best game of all-how fast can our humans run to save the tree from toppling over? The latter being my personal favourite. My human calls me her cyber kitty now as most of the time while she surfs, I sit with her making sure she does it properly. You know how bad these humans are sometimes with all this high tech stuff!

One of my hobbies is watching nature programs on T.V. I can sit for hours when Dan Gibson has one of his bird shows on. It really sends me whiskers a-tingle to watch all that feather action.

My humans picked me up from Adopt-a-Pet from their veterinarian. Was I ever glad to get out of there, the noise was unbelievable. Nosey was a stray. They picked her up from the Humanes Society. She is a pretty good companion, except for the fact that she likes sitting on me. Oh well, into each life a little fur must fall.

Least I forget, my mistress says to thank you for your reply. It was so much fun to get cat-mail.

Well, I shall paw off for now. It is getting late and I shall have to go back to sleep.

Blackie and Nosey H.

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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996

From: Linda

Subject: Cat

Killer cat!!!!!

Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996

From: Linda

Subject: Kittie

I love Kitties, Thank you for that picture!

Pip's Response to "Paws and Licks"

November 28, 1996

Let me say how much a pleasure it was to hear from you, or should I say both of you, although I detect Nosey's paw in this more than that of Blackie. Me, I am above such things. Once I tried the keyboard but, alas, no more. It disturbed the humans so. I don't know what was more comical: the computer screen or the actions of the human. So, now, my administrative assistant has taken over such tasks from me. I supervise though. The human lap provides an excellent vantage point from which to view the computer monitor. And from which to obtain a periodic scratch behind the ear as well.

It doesn't take much to amuse the humans, doesn't it? I go after the periodic ball and pen. However, my favourite is the human foot. They don't seem to appreciate the mouse or rabbit that I have upon occasion left for them on the driveway. They refer to them to other humans as mere rugs. Really! However, one must bear with these humans as best as one can and they can be endlessly amusing, the way they run helter skelter through their lives.

And on such a note, I must bid adieu. My admininstrative assistant says she has other tasks which she must see to, tasks assigned to her by my humans. As if what I wish her to do is any less important! Oh well! I will make her feed me then, perhaps, I will permit her to continue with her work.

I do hope you will write again soon. Your's is the first message I have received in over two weeks It does sometimes get a little lonesome with only humans to keep me company and it is getting a little too cold to go out overmuch these days.

With a fond swish of the tail then,


Date: November 27, 1996

Subject: paws and licks

Hello! My name is Nosey, because I am. I also have a room mate Blackie, because he is. We live in a townhouse where we get to look out at all the other poor souls in the neighbourhood who have to deal with the elements and we do not. I am quite mischeivous, if they close the curtains I wait five seconds and then I open them. For my people's amusement I chase balls, bring them back to be thrown again. I do not sit like my buddy Blackie. I recline on my supple spine to better see the world and gaze at my domain. The humans here love it. Black twist ties are my favourite toys. I can chase them all day. I usually put them in the water bowl just to show them how amazing I truly am. While the woman of the house is on the internet, I have this wonderful trick I do to her-I jump on her lap(the only time she gets this special treatment) or I meow continuously for mush and I pull down her arm (I pack considerable power in my paws) for attention. I shall paw off for now, the food dish is calling. Meows and licks. Nosey and Blackie H.

November 11, 1996


Since your HomePage has no title, I named it "Pipsqueak's Collection Of International Pussies"... I hope you like it... (I had to find something cuz I wanted to add it to my JumpStart Page!)

It's maybe a bit sexual, but that's the way to attract people.. hehe... don't you watch TV (I mean advertising)?? Klinsmann does and enjoys it.. *lol*

Everytime we humans watch TV he jumps onto one's lap and watches with us... he also likes my computer! I often use CyberTalk with him on my knees.. *smile*


Mr. Kawumm

From: Mustang

Date: November 11, 1996

I love pussycats, got two. One is named Minet the other Floep. I'm from Holland BTW.


Pip's Response to Tia

November 11, 1996

Hello Tia. As you so aptly put it, these contraptions are difficult to use in which case, your aunt Charlotte, my administrative assistant, is replying in my stead. However, she has my ear as I have her lap at the moment, making sure she dots her i's and crosses her t's.

I must say one must be patient in training these humans. Mind you, your aunt was quite amenable to me, no doubt due to her exposure to your fine company. It didn't take long before she knew when I wanted to be fed or when I wanted to have the chair in which she was sitting (and which she graciously gave up). Sometimes though, I have to be a bit persistent when I want some TLC. She lets her work get in the way of my needs but humans all have their faults. We must live with them as best we can. Such are the trials of life.

As to the humans I live with. We get along fairly well. They break up my bacon into little pieces (After all, I am a Lady as, no doubt, you are) and I deign not to step on their precious computer keyboards.

Well! My dear lady, if you will excuse me, further correspondence awaits my pawcatship. It was a delight hearing from you and I look forward to hearing from you in future. May you enjoy only pleasant dreams where you get the foot every time.

Yours truly,


P.S. Your aunt was happy to hear from you and sends along her love.

From: TIA

November 8, 1996

Hello, my name is Tia (actually my pet Teresa is writing this letter - you know how difficult it is for us to use these contraptions that humans invented). My aunt Charlotte, is the one who is with you day in and day out. She seems like a nice person although whenever I am around her, I get all mushy and the feelings come out wrong. Anyway, please say hello to her for me and my pet.

I was born just up the street from you at a catery in Barrie, Ontario. I am a very attractive blue-point Siamese and I feel like my eyes are my best feature. Like you, I come from a large family (seven sisters and one brother). My pet came one day when I was three months old. One of my sisters chose her first, but I guess my pet did not like the way, she dug into her shoulders with her sharp claws. She was adamant about not leaving my mother. I was the next choice and like you I did not want to leave. I was put in a box for the three hour ride up to North Bay, Ontario which I did not appreciate.

When I got to North Bay, I found my pet was looking after another cat (Bugsy) a complete stranger. Bugsy was obviously used to being alone, and I was so scared I did not come out of the laundry room, and yes I was forced to eat canned food. My pet tried to comfort me as best she could, but I would not come out from behind the dryer. I was left by myself for the night and my pet tried again on Sunday. This time I deigned to come out and express my annoyance in the only way I could think at the time (I bit her foot - and ever since I have had a foot fetish).

I have now been with my pet for six years and I dare say I have a good relationship with my pet (ie. she is trained quite well). I let her feed me ham and turkey and chicken when she wants to - its a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Take care and write when you are in the mood for a paws.

November 5, 1996

ciao Pipsqueak! ;)

What kind of music it that on your HomePage??? Somehow I know it... but I have no idea what it could be.....

Greetinx from Klinsmann, our tomcat here..... he told me he loves you! :))

à bientôt!


Mr. Kawumm


November 2, 1996


October 16, 1996

I love your homepage.

Lotsa Love, Princess

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