The Cheer DJ Pool 1997


What is a pool?
In the dance music industry the term means an association of cutting edge DJs brought together by a promoter/co-ordinator with the express purpose of providing immediate reaction and first- class feedback to the representatives of the companies supplying advance previews/test pressings/ promo-only vinyl and CD dance mixes of new or soon-to-be-released recordings as to the likely response of the buying public based on prime time floor appeal. In other words, a number of DJs are selected because of their aptitude and clout to test drive new dance product and pass on their findings and their crowd's responses back to the source. Labels then plan their marketing strategy around those DJs' reports, fine tune the product with remixes and then launch the results to radio, retail and the world.

From the inception of the DJ or Record Pool system in 1976 with the formation of the Canadian Record Pool in Montreal and the Ontario Disco Pool in Toronto, the system has thrived and survived, undergoing various changes to reflect the technological, musical, cultural and business imperatives of the Canadian music industry and society in general. For over 20 years record companies such as Sony, BMG, EMI, PolyGram, MCA, Warner, Quality, Popular, SPG, Koch, Attic, Virgin, and Hi-Bias and others have recognized the pools as the frontline for laying down a foundation for new club-driven recordings. There are at least 15 pools of varying sizes, specialty interests and strengths across Canada. The Cheer DJ Pool, founded by Daniel Caudeiron in 1977, is recognized as the leader, the trend-setter and the blueprint for the entire system of DJ promotional reporting.

What does Cheer do? Promote dance and club music non-stop, guaranteed 52 weeks of the year, stupid! That's what we do week-in, week-out. And it can be hard - but enjoyable - work.

DJs join on the recommendation of other DJs, record reps and music service contacts. Every prospective DJ is screened carefully for their interest beyond acquiring cheap white-label, hard-to- find records and remixes. Only the most promotion, network, CanDance-minded DJs are admitted. And even then, they are always on probation, having to prove their mettle each week.



EVERYBODY plays Mainstream dance: House, Euro, NRG, Freestyle, Dance Pop, Funk, Old School, R&B crossover, Retro-Disco, Trance, Techno, and Latin-pop. We have special crews, squads and sections focusing on hardcore elements in hip hop, alternative (whatever that means these days), Afro-Caribbean, and progressive to underground house and electronica.


DJs work in this pool. They pick up product weekly, phone in their picks, review all records serviced, hip the co-ordinator to hype imports, communicate directly with the promo departments at labels when asked, and provide weekly input to the official Cheer charts. They attend regular bi-weekly pool meetings, special gatherings to meet and greet visiting, touring artists, participate actively in club promotions, and attempt to network with member DJs and DJs in other pools.

Cheer DJ Pool reports feedback, new adds, and chart positions weekly to all reps, contacts and promoters of all supplying labels, companies and distribution divisions as well as to assigned consultants. Weekly chart ads and stats are faxed to dance radio, dance retail, Electric Circus, THE RECORD, RPM, StreetSound, The Bridge, Billboard, Club Scene, Peace, Tribe, Club_Music, DMA, Hot Toronto, Mic Check, other pools, the CDJA, CMW, the music publishing houses, RPI, DMC Canada, ERG, Spinning Sounds, Advance Warning, and all other such remix, service, and supply agencies in our community.

Within 48 hours of their weekly product service DJs are required to phone in their 3 picks, their top personal choices and projections for future stardom. The aggregate 3 PICKS list is faxed to all suppliers.

The Big 3/Most Wanted is an occasional tipsheet of the hottest, most talked about, most requested imports now being played by cheer DJs and which are most likely to deserve domestic release and promotion.

On a weekly basis, usually by Friday morning, the Cheer 50, Alternative, Urban, Quiet Storm, House and Reggae-Soca charts are supplied to the trades, record labels, and other interested contacts.

For information about servicing dance product, Cheer can be reached at (416) 463-8880 Monday to Friday from 10am to 4:30pm. You may leave a message at this number at any other time.

Cheer is now on line, with our own home page under construction and maintained for us by pool member Mike May on his MMT web site. You can find us at

Through 1997, as we have done since mid-1977, Cheer will continue to do its job -- promoting new dance product, CanDance and International, through the most significant clubs and cutting edge DJs to the dance market in Toronto and environs. And we will be marking our 20th year of activity throughout 1997 --- so lookout!!!

There will be continuous events, meetings, special publications and parties to mark the glorious 20th ANNIVERSARY of North America's hardest-working and most successful DJ/Dance/Record/Music/Club Pool.

Keep checking out this home page and web site for forthcoming announcements.


Many famous Canadian DJs have graduated from the Cheer DJ Pool including:

CURRENT MEMBERS include Bruno Falvo of Monopoli and Palazzo who is currently Chairman of the Junos Dance Advisory Committee at CARAS (Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences), Tony D'Agostino from Club 108, and Marvin Eng, DMC Canada's Toronto representative and Hi-Bias Records pool rep.


Each year in spring in-house awards are presented to the top dance label, top CanDance act, top promo rep in the pool system and the top DJ in the Cheer Pool.
Recent winners of TOP DJ OF THE YEAR:


Information compiled by Daniel Caudeiron for CHEER.
MAY 1,1996

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